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Masking products for the metal finishing industries.


Successful metal finishing often relies on precision masking. Due to the hardwearing nature of finishes applied to metal, it is important to use the right masking products to gain the desired finish on your metal parts. Precision masking products are used for a number of different reasons including quality of finish, safety, electrical conduction and many more including the most basic; thread protection. Most of the standard products catalogue is used in the metal finishing industries during powder coating, e-coat, anodising and the like. Silicone rubber is favoured because of its durability and temperature resistance.

AFAC silicone rubber masking products are used during the manufacture of many different products, from vehicles to light fittings, electronic components to defence systems. The car you are driving today probably has parts in its construction, masked by AFAC products. AFAC has been a top provider to defence, aerospace and general manufacturing since 1980!

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AFAC Ltd operates a quality system comparable to ISO9002 standards and practices. The AFAC “BAKEWELL” range of silicone rubber products can be used time and time again during finishing operations for maximum economy, while those wishing a lower initial cost are able to specify one of the PVC, natural, neoprene, or EPDM rubber alternatives.

AFAC Ltd offers probably the widest range of masking products in the UK, with patents registered on many products. These are normally available for immediate despatch from the UK warehouse. AFAC has specialised in precision masking for metal finishing since the mid 1980’s. What AFAC doesn’t know about precision masking isn’t worth knowing.


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